Welcome to JBM!

First things first, who are we?

JBM is a collection of passionate, highly skilled working musicians who specialise in teaching contemporary music using modern methods

All of our teachers are highly trained and experienced performing musicians, and have been chosen by James Baker for their industry experience

What do we teach?

We focus on teaching modern music and contemporary theory in a relaxed and supportive learning environment.

We currently have teachers specialising in:


Who do we teach?

Beginner, intermediate, and seasoned musicians from the ages of 8 up. Yep, we teach adults too!

Where are we located?

Wagga Wagga, NSW

Our Department Staff

Piano, Keyboards, and Music Technology


James Baker is an award winning musical director and accomplished contemporary keyboardist. From recording sessions, to live gigs, cabarets, and music theatre, James’ wealth of experience shines through in his playing and his interactions with students.

With a keen understanding of industry required skills, James endeavours to help students understand modern keyboard techniques, functional chord theory, and improvisation to allow them to flourish into the best possible contemporary musicians.

James works with students to bring out their personal musicality. Whilst he works with every student to develop a solid note reading literacy, there is a much heavier focus on musical theory principles – specifically the interaction of melody, harmony, and rhythm. In short, his experience as a jazz pianist places less focus on the “dots on the page”, and more on creating beautiful, soulful music.

Vocals and Stagecraft


Nathan is a vocalist, guitarist, and songwriter with a wealth of industry experience. He was previously in the top 36 of the APRA Professional Development Awards for songwriting, is a 2 times grand finalist of Toyota Star Maker, has featured on X Factor, Young Talent Time, and seasons 3 and 5 of The Voice (Team Madden), graduated from the Talent Development Project (2011) and Academy of Country Music (2011) featured as contestant on Young Talent Time (2011), and has been mentored by Keith Urban.

Nathan works with his students to build on vocal techniques, stylistic approaches, stage craft, and confidence.

Acoustic and Electric Guitar


Luke is a well rounded and educated musician with a rich history in live performance.

Having trained in classical guitar from a young age, he found a passion for contemporary music and shows great skill and versatility, having played acoustic and electric guitars in Jazz, Funk, Pop/Rock, Country, Blues Rock and Metal bands

Luke has been playing professionally since the age of 18, and you’ll currently find him playing all your Classic Rock favourites in venues around Wagga and surrounding towns. If you haven’t seen Luke play before, you’re missing out! His passion and love for music is evident in his stagecraft.

Through teaching, Luke share’s his passion and knowledge with students to help them find their own joy in music, whilst building a solid foundation in technical and theoretical skills.

Luke teaches beginners through to advanced musicians. Some of his specialties include:

Right hand left hand technique
Basic through to advanced chords
Reading chord charts and tabs
Rhythm playing
Lead playing
Scales and Improvisation
Finger Picking

Our Rates

30 Minute Lessons


per 9 week term

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