Music Catered For Weddings

Helmed by award winning pianist and musical director James Baker, Wagga Wedding Music was established in 2021 to cater to the unique music needs of weddings. With a keen understanding of the particular needs for a wedding ceremony, James will work with you to create the ideal moments for your special day, and with the benefit of live music, your chosen songs will be rearranged in realtime to adhere to the flow of the ceremony.


We have packages available for ceremonies and cocktail hours, and can put you in contact with bands and DJ’s suitable for dance sets


– Guest arrival (20 minutes of light instrumental music)
– Wedding Council + Main Entrance (1 or 2 songs)
– Signing of the Registry (1 to 2 songs)
– Couples Exit (1 song)
– Guest exit (light instrumental music)

Music equipment is always set up at your chosen venue well before the arrival of guests, and packed down after the guests have left the ceremony. James caters for inside and outside ceremonies as long as there is access to electricity to power the digital piano and PA system.

You can choose between a SOLO, DUO, or TRIO act for your wedding ceremony

James on Piano: $699

James + Vocalist: $1299

James + Vocalist + Cello: $1799

*extra charges may apply for venues located outside of Wagga

Cocktail Hour

90 minutes of live cocktail jazz piano to entertain your guests between the ceremony and dinner

Solo Piano

Piano + Vocalist

*extra charges may apply for venues located outside of Wagga

Dance Bands and DJ's

We can send you details of the most reliable and professional local bands and DJ’s in the Riverina



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