James Baker is an award winning musical director, and accomplished contemporary musician. From recording sessions, to live gigs, cabarets, and music theatre, James’ wealth of experience shines through in his playing and his interactions with students.

With a keen understanding of industry required skills, James endeavours to help students understand modern keyboard techniques, functional chord theory, and improvisation to allow them to flourish into the best possible contemporary musicians.

James works with students to bring out their personal musicality. Whilst he works with every student to develop a solid note reading literacy, there is a much heavier focus on musical theory principles – specifically the interaction of melody, harmony, and rhythm. In short, his experience as a jazz pianist places less focus on the “dots on the page”, and more on creating beautiful music.


Daniel has been a pianist for almost 30 years. He’s toured multiple times around Australia, New Zealand, UK and much of Europe, performing in prestigious venues such as the Sydney Opera House and St Peters Basilica in The Vatican.

Some of the many artists Daniel has performed with include Guy Sebastian, Casey Donovan, Paulini, Felix Riebl (from The Cat Empire), Rhonda Burchmore, David Harris, Nathan Foley, Trevor Ashley, Darren Coggan and the Sydney Youth Orchestra.

Along with performing, Daniel predominantly focuses his efforts on arranging and orchestrating music. His music has been featured numerous times on national television such as in the NSW Schools Spectacular, and performed by world-class ensembles such as the Sydney Philharmonia.

Daniel was raised in Tamworth, NSW, where he began learning piano at the age of 4. He graduated from the Newcastle Conservatorium of Music in 2011 with a Bachelor of Music. His study was focussed on both Classical and Jazz Piano, and Conducting. In his final year, Daniel was awarded the Philip Emlyn Thomas Keyboard Scholarship.

Since high school, Daniel has been a music tutor at various music camps, events, and workshops around NSW. He’s developed a strong relationship with the NSW Department of Education Arts Unit, which provides opportunities for public school students to develop high level music skills. Daniel is a highly sought after accompanist for vocal soloists, instrumentalists and ensembles.

Young Beginners

All beginners are sent through the “James Baker Music Beginner Keyboard” book to build an understanding of written notation, and to strengthen the fingers. We have a well stocked library of supplemental material from Tim Topham, Daniel McFarlane, Eric Baumgartner, Jennifer Eklund, and Mark Harrison to name a few! Each lesson is designed to be engaging and fun in order to build a positive atmosphere around music.

Beginners are actively encouraged to build a regular practice routine, and are often rewarded for reaching their practice goals by playing the grand piano.

Teen/Adult Beginners

Older beginners are put through a streamlined course to develop note reading skills and finger strength, and are often given the basics of the intermediate theory work within the first few weeks of lessons.


Intermediate and advanced students divide their lesson and practice work between technique, theory, music technology, and repertoire.

Subjects include:

    Learning common chord progressions, “functional chord theory”, reharmonisation techniques, and harmonic analysis
    Learning chord/scale relationships, building motifs, identifying tonal centres
    Scales, arpeggios and finger exercises
    Developing a melody line, music form, harmonisation and reharmonisation
    Using notation programs to produce written charts, DAW’s to record music, and programming patches for live use.
    Focusing on the stylistic differences between keyboards including acoustic piano, rhodes, wurlitzer, hammond, synths, and clavinet

Studio Hours:


School Hours:

James currently teaches on location at Mater Dei Catholic College, and Kildare Catholic College. If you are interested in getting James involved in your schools music program, please get in contact via email.

Studio Policies:

The current studio polices on attendance, practice, and payment can be downloaded below


Lesson Rates:

30 min lesson: $40
60 min lesson: $80

James Baker Music operates on a 9 week teaching term

Full term fees are required in advance, and can be made by Cash, Visa/Mastercard, Paypal, or bank deposit. A 3% processing fee applies for payment via credit/debit card. A late payment fee of $15 applies to any overdue accounts.

Method books and materials are charged and listed on student accounts


phone: 0408 318 653

email: james@jamesbakermusic.com

facebook: www.facebook.com/jamesbakermusic


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