James’ work as a session keyboardist can be heard below in recording samples from Joe Conroy, Cherie Medway and Daniel Tooze. Rates apply to studio’s in the local Wagga area.


$100 per hour (minimum 3 hour call out)


Need sheet music for an audition or performance, but can’t find it online? James can provide professionally charted piano/vocal sheet music. Rates are based on a “per minute recording” basis.


$100 per minute

For example, a 3:30 song will cost $350


Mainstream pop/rock tracks – under 4 minutes in length, no tempo changes

Piano only:


Rhythm section – Keyboards, Drums, Bass


Additional rhythm/pad instruments (guitar, organ, synth pad)

$40 per instrument

Additional lead or solo instruments

$60 per instrument

Orchestral/big band/symphonic parts


For songs over 4 minutes in length, or any musical theatre/obscure orchestrated recordings, please get in touch to obtain a quote, as each recording will vary greatly in the work required to produce a finished track.


Examples of sound quality can be found below under “commercial music”


James has a library of ready to purchase commercial music available at

You can also hear previews of James’ work below.

Custom made music can be made to order. Please get in contact to obtain a quote.

Recordings for radio/tv commercials start at $1500

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