These days being a killer pianist isn’t enough to get hired for the gig – you need to know your keyboard sounds and how to patch (program) them!

This course is for all those pianists and keys players that would love to have a firm understanding of the “bread and butter” keyboard sounds (those sounds that EVERY keyboard player uses), types of keyboards, effects and a bit of keyboard history

The course is delivered using Apple’s “Mainstage” program, but the skillset is designed to be transferred to other recording apps, workstation/synthesizers and stage pianos

Topics Covered:

History of vintage keyboards

Types of modern keyboards and their uses – Home Digital Pianos, Workstation Synths, Stage Pianos, Portable Pianos, Midi Controllers

Patching for different situations including solo, rock band, stage band, music theatre

Simple to complex layers and splits


Acoustic Piano
Electric Pianos (Rhodes/Wurlitzer/CP80)
Organ (Hammond B3/VOX/Farfisa)
Synth (Pads/Leads/Bells/FX)
Creating Samples

Suitable for intermediate to advanced players from 12 up, at least a basic level of notation reading is recommended, but not required.

What do I need to bring?

Absolutely nothing! Our group teaching room is set up and ready to go with keyboards and apple computers. We even provide a pizza lunch – but feel free to bring along a snack to nibble on throughout the day